Parent Corner

PTA @ MS 246

Research shows when parents are involved in their child's education and partner with their child's school, children do better and enjoy school more.  Therefore,  the mission of the Walt Whitman Middle School PTA is to empower parents as their child's first teacher - thus making them great partners in education while increasing student achievement!  


To support/work with our parents, we:

- Partner with local organizations/groups to provide resources

- Hold monthly PTA Meetings (information below)

- Have a Parent Resource Room, where parents are not only empowered in ways that help them improve educational outcomes for their children but also in ways that help them better themselves.  

- Involve parents in our SLT, and Senior Graduation Committee (as well as other Committees in the school)

- Hold parent socials/outing events that allow our parents to network with each other

The Next PTA Meeting will be on TBD


Our New PBIS System - PBIS Rewards